Kecskemétfilm Kft.

Film/Television studio

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The Kecskemét Animation Film Studio was established in 1971 as a regional branch of the Pannonia Film Studio. After the change of regime, it became an independent enterprise under the name Kecskemétfilm Ltd.

The studio appears on both the domestic and foreign film markets with a wide range of productions, consisting of artistic short films, series, feature-length animated films, educational and commercial films. In 2008 they expanded their services with the launch of a 3D department.

International productions and Film festivals

Several hundred films were made here and they have won dozens of awards at various international festivals. In addition to independent creations, the studio has participated in the production of numerous international projects, three of which were later nominated for Oscars.


The idea of the Animation Film Festival in Kecskemét ( – held since 1985 – comes from the studio, which is still the main organizer of the event.

Film series creation

The first hit was achieved by the three series of „Vízipók-csodapók” . The studio’s most known and longest film series is „Magyar népmesék” that had 100 episodes and was in production for 34 years ( Among the series created here belongs also „Leo és Fred”, „Mondák a magyar történelemből” that processes old Hungarian historical tales, and the series „Mesék Mátyás királyról” that also builds on the heritage of the past.