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Sexy Buddha is a media-centric software development team with significant experience in innovative software projects from modern web technologies to the development of native applications, with a strong focus on the movie industry. The team specializes in every aspect of the product development process, from prototyping and testing to UX/UI design.

Cloud-Based Web Applications

We offer a comprehensive range of web development services to help you build scalable, high-performing, and user-friendly web applications. We use cutting-edge technologies to create personalized solutions just for your unique needs, covering frontend, 

backend and AWS cloud development.


We transform concepts into captivating, user-friendly interfaces by crafting functional digital products and delightful experiences, including:

clickable prototypes, visual toolkit, brand identity, mobile and
desktop application UI design.

Native Media Applications

We provide cutting-edge technology solutions to improve your digital projects and boost your creative work. Our skills cover a wide range of areas, including GPU programming, color science, FPGA, app frameworks, languages, kernel driver development, optimizations, and cross-platform support.